Album Release – Austrian Composer Oliver Ostermann and Brian Cheney Collaborate Across Borders To Create Music In The Time of Corona

“This is a triumph of spirit and ingenuity in a compromised time.” Fanfare Magazine

“A global collaboration of such quality during this tenuous period in our history beautifully shows how artists can successfully navigate this new landscape.” BroadwayWorld 

“Song album as a global artistic collaboration defies the pandemic” Online Merker (Austria)

Austrian Composer Oliver Ostermann and American Tenor Brian Cheney have teamed up during the global pandemic to create “I Sang My Heart to the Moon”. The album of eight pieces beautifully displays Ostermann’s rich melodic landscape showing why he is considered one of Europe’s most exciting composers today.

Lyricist, acclaimed poet Nancy Fitz-Hugh Meneely, offers up poetry ideally suited for our time. Love Apart, I Sang My Heart to the Moon, Beloved Child and I Need a Song each tell their own poignant and touching story of living in a global pandemic.

I Sang My Heart to the Moon is now available on all streaming platforms