There are two major stars-to-be here: Patrick Blackwell, a deep, full-voiced baritone who also dramatically projects the evil dickishness of Scarpia, and Brian Cheney, whose bright, focused tones ring out heroically as Mario Cavaradossi.

KUSC | Los Angeles, CA

“Listen to Brian Cheney, in song and interview, and see if you agree: the next great tenor on the near horizon is a singer who has paid his dues and is due for a great unveiling.”

STAGE and CINEMA | Los Angeles, CA

“It is tenor Brian Cheney as the brave painter Cavaradossi who really blew me away. Cheney has that terrific tenor sound: the power, richness, and vocal color of a high baritone combined with ringing, awe-inspiring high notes.”

LA EXAMINER | Los Angeles, CA

“Cheney’s potent tones found their clarion marks like fated arrows ––(and) his acting was as fine as his voice. Cheney’s rooftop rendition of the romanza E lucevan le stelle (“And the stars were shining”) brimmed with felt pathos. Voiced in the cool night air, the romanza revealed a breathtaking immediacy that palatial opera houses cannot touch.”


“…the standout is Brian Cheney as Cavaradossi. Amplified by the resonant hall acoustic, his pure, bold tenor fills the space with humanity and pathos. ”

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