Rave Reviews for Frankenstein

“As Victor Frankenstein, tenor Brian Cheney was the ideal counterpart. He very ably expressed the Victor’s horror, panic and regret over the evil his work has wrought.”


”Cheney’s ringing tenor voice carried well in the stone catacombs, conveying the fear that the deep bass sound of the monster summoned. And as the section of the sketches went on, Cheney’s voice bloomed to match the action and threats of the creature.” Operawire ;


”Cheney was in full, rich, attractive voice” New York Classical Review ;

”Cheney sang powerfully as Frankenstein and acted the part every bit as well as he sang” Voce di Meche ;

”Cheney turned in a well-acted performance. His pleading scenes with Jeremiah certainly sparked…(the performers) offered a chance to fill a dark cave with bright, lustrous sound.” Parterre ;

”The haunted Victor was a bright-toned, intense Brian Cheney” Limelight Magazine ;

”Cheney’s Frankenstein was an excellent foil in his scenes with the monster” Broadway World ;

”Cheney, as Dr. Frankenstein, channeled intransigent denial, but his angst grew more harrowing as the dialogue with his creation grew more emotionally charged.” New York Music Daily ;

”Cheney as Frankenstein sang in a fine resonant tenor” Superconductor ;